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Drachen Elite Coral-Maril en Tapir 1x Coral (rood)

€ 348,00 incl. BTW

The DRACHEN ARCHERY ELITE Coral (red), Marlin (blue) and Tapir (black) are successful combinations of different, harmonising materials. Dymondwood in the middle section, black fibreglass laminate in the limbs and bamboo strips that "frame" the riser and run through the entire bow result in a compact, slender and incredibly light bow.

The Dymondwood used is an innovative material consisting of several layers of wood, which are bonded with epoxy resin to form a highly stable material. The different layers of wood allow for a completely new colour design of the riser and create an absolutely unique look in red, grey and black. It is no coincidence that the red tones are reminiscent of the precious coral and the coral-red pieces of jewellery modelled on it, as this special colour was the inspiration for the design and naming of the DRACEN Archery Elite Coral, Marlin and Tapir bows. But this material also offers some technical advantages: It is light, absorbs vibrations and allows for faster, smoother shooting.

The grip area, which appears very slim at first glance, is nevertheless "different" on closer inspection. Its shapes have stronger edges and smoother, flatter surfaces that are clearly more contoured and ergonomic than other bows. When you first take it in your hand, it almost inevitably slides into position and guarantees an optimal grip. This gives the bow a pleasant binding and the archer good control over the bow.

Of course, it is not only the look that impresses, but also the finesse of the hybrid bow. No wonder, as this type of bow combines the best of two worlds: At first glance it looks like a longbow, but at 54 inches it is clearly too short to be a "real" longbow. However, it makes up for the lack of size with the typical feature of a recurve bow, the clearly visible reflex-deflex shape in the limbs, and thus cleverly combines the characteristics of a longbow with those of a recurve bow. The result is a compact bow with a smooth draw, high arrow speeds and an almost complete reduction of vibrations in the grip. As usual with a traditional longbow, the string of the hybrid bow does not touch the limbs, but only the tips.

Technical data:

Bow length: 54 in.

Draw weight: 20-50 lbs (in 5 lbs increments)

Recommended brace height: 8.5 inches

Maximum draw length: 30 inches

Weight: approx. 520g (@ 25 lbs)

Material riser: Dymondwood

Material limbs: bamboo wood core, fibreglass laminate

String: Whisper string.

Tips: Fast Flight suitable

Available as right or left handed model.




*Warranty conditions: Upon registration of the bow, we grant the first purchaser a 10-year warranty against breakage and delamination. The guarantee applies to all customers with registered bows who are resident within the EU. Parts subject to wear and tear and damage due to incorrect use are excluded from the guarantee. Warranty service is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The legal warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

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