Longlife Bonen of Cola geen Cat. .

€ 35,00 incl. BTW

Longlife cans are not just a target. These are extremely versatile targets. We at BEARPAW PRODUCTS have a lot of fun with the Longlife cans produced in Germany because we use them very differently: - The Longlife can as a single target - Build with many cans the pyramid and discover the classic can shooting again You can not only use the classic arrow, but also the can shooting with rubber blunts. So they stay virtually infinite!



Will stop any arrow

Easy arrow pulling

UV resistant material

Weather proof material

Foam closes after arrow is pulled "Longlife self-healing effect"

Weight: 320 gram

Quality: Made in Germany

Diameter: 10cm

Height: 16,5cm (Beans Can), 17,5cm (Cola Can)

Merk Longlife
Titel Bonen of Cola geen Cat. .
Maat/grootte geen Cat.
Materiaal Polyeruthaan
Artikelnummer 6575
Fabrikantnummer 60421